How to DIY Healthy Essential Oils Shower Form

Bathing with liquid foam is a necessity in our daily life. However when coming to buying of liquid soap foam off the shelves, many may have little knowledge that the liquid soap foam that they bought may contain full of chemicals and ingredients that are rather harsh on your skin.

These chemical are harmful and can penetrate immediately through your body and into the bloodstream and marrow and indirectly causing a person to get illness.

off the shelves shower foam
off the shelves shower foam

Today, I’m here to guide you on how to go about making your own DIY healthy essential oils shower foam.

The recipe are as below:

Recipe Instructions
  1. Add castile soap and vitamin E oil to foaming bottle;
  2. Fill bottle with witch hazel water;
  3. Drip the essential oils into the foaming bottle. Be sure to leave space at top for foaming pump. Place top on and shake …
  4. Recipe lasts about 1-2 weeks.

If you still have any further doubts or queries with the DIY of the healthy liquid shower foam, you can contact me at your convenience.



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